A Prayer for a Child

| Adults

The following prayer was provided by Guest Preacher Mary Beth Dopfer in her sermon on Sunday, January 23, 2022, as was shared with her by a friend.

"Dear Lord,

Help me to allow my child to choose his own path and not one I insist upon for him. Grant me the grace to be patient with his unhurried pace that clashes with list of urgencies. Help me keep a loving smile and healthy perspective on the insignificant missteps and mischievousness of his age. Give me the energy and resolve to show firmness when needed.

Help me hear the anguish in his heart when I see his brooding and feel his angry words. Teach me to bridge the gap and create mutual understanding. I pray that I may raise my voice in joy at what he is rather than dwell on what he is not so that his confidence grows. Help me show my love to my son so that he can demonstrate his love for others.

Any finally, give me the strength, O Lord, that as he attains maturity, I free him from my control and allow him to move strongly on his way. Please watch over each of us each day.