Mission Work at BPC

"We live life best as we give our strengths, gifts, and competencies in the service of God’s mission."  - Kennon L. Callahan

Members of our congregation provide regular hands-on service and financial support in many areas. Locally, we support programs such as New Horizons, Caregivers, and Child Health Services. Each year we deliver Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas gifts to needy families. Regionally, we support Camp Wilmot and a number of service groups throughout New England. Globally, we maintain a partnership with a church in South Africa, support a family of missionaries in Afghanistan, have participated in Gulf Coast rebuilding in Louisiana, home rehabilitation in West Virginia, partnered with Mission at the Eastward in Maine, and contribute toward many other ministries. Increased mission generosity is an ongoing goal.

In addition, our Deacons provide a thriving caring ministry to our congregation and community.

  • Financial support for mission work continues to be a focus for our church, as we work toward a goal of giving away one dollar for every dollar used for our own programs and congregational ministry. We encourage our members to give proportionately in joyful response to all of God’s blessings in life as we participate in building the kingdom of God through acts of compassion and justice.
  • We delivered 200 Thanksgiving baskets to needy families in the Manchester area.
  • We provided Christmas gifts for hundreds of children and adults through our Adopt-A-Family program.
  • We established an Emergency Utility Relief Fund to help individuals struggling to make payments for fuel and electricity.
  • We support the Bedford Community Food Pantry located onsite.

For more information, send an e-mail to the Mission Committee using the form or contact the church office at (603) 472-5841.

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