Welcome to the Children's Ministry
2020-2021 Sunday School 

Each week your BPC teachers will put together a series of lessons that you can do at home with your family or on your own. Follow the links below for fun videos, songs, and relaxation music. Be sure to download any PDF files for fun family activities. We hope enjoy learning about the ways in which you can find the presence of God in your lives through Jesus. 

Sunday School Lesson for the week of April 18-25, 2021 

This week starts a new Unit, “Surprises.” The stories continue from our Holy Week lessons as they discuss the Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus’ story didn’t end at his death – His story continues because he is risen!  In this unit we’ll learn about the empty tomb and some of the visits Jesus made after he arose.  His resurrection, the good news, is an important part of our Christian faith.


This first lesson focuses on some good news! Christ has risen. He is risen indeed. We’ll read a story about the women who find the empty tomb. We discover that not everyone is willing to believe the women and we learn about the hope that some people found. Let’s take a closer look with Miss Dawn:

  • Followin along with Growing in God’s Love video and story reading HERE with Miss Dawn.
  • There are different ways to share the good news about Jesus. Watch the YouTube music video “Have You Heard

Sunday School Lesson for April 11, 2021

This week we offer an Easter story that starts with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem (palm parade). It continues sequentially through many events that we discuss in bible lessons: the first communion or last supper, prayer in the garden, His arrest, the cross (very child-friendly), His burial and the good news of His resurrection. Please note that ads are part of this video and they may be skipped after a few seconds. Click HERE to watch the video.


Sunday School Lesson for Easter, April 4, 2021

This week continues our unit, “Last Things” from Growing in God's Love: A Story Bible. The stories in this unit help us to get to know God through stories of the things Jesus did and said.

  • Follow along with Ms. Lisa as she reads and talks about Easter and why we celebrate it. last meal with his disciples, from the story of Luke 23:1-49 in this video.
  • Hop in your car today and take a drive for our car-based Easter Egg hunt throughout Bedford. Click HERE and scroll down the page to find our interactive Google map!