Welcome to the Children's Ministry
2020-2021 Sunday School 

Each week your BPC teachers will put together a series of lessons that you can do at home with your family or on your own. Follow the links below for fun videos, songs, and relaxation music. Be sure to download any PDF files for fun family activities. We hope enjoy learning about the ways in which you can find the presence of God in your lives through Jesus. 

 Lesson for November 22, 2020

Lesson for November 15, 2020

  • Follow along in your Bible as Miss Lisa reads I Used All My Courage from 2 Samuel 17:17-21.
  • Watch the video Courage Montage and think about what these examples from popular movies say about courage.
  • According to this Forbes Magazine article, courage is something that shoudl be practiced every day. We don't all just magically have courage. Most of the tiome, we have to practice it! For one week, practice these three habits daily whenever you have the opportunity:
    1. Speak Up: take some time to talk to someone every day about something that is important to you.
    2. Make Big Requests: think of something that you would like more of—support, communication, feedback, help with something—and ask for it!
    3. Confront Your Fears: acknowledge whatever it is that you are afraid of and think about ways that fear might hold you back. Make a plan using a “when, then” statement: “When I feel, then I will do Y."

Lesson for November 8, 2020

  • Follow along in your Bible as Miss Eliza reads Samuel Tells a Hard Truth from 1 Samuel 2:18–3:20.
  • Do you know the difference between tattling and telling? Tattling usually happens when you want another person to get in trouble because they broke the rules. Telling usually happens when you care deeply about other people. Download these activity pages to help you learn the difference between the two.
  • Telling the truth can be a powerful tool. Consider how that happens in the world today where information is abundant. For older kids, consider how media (news) organizations understand their role in telling the truth by visiting Honest Journalism.
  • Watch The Night Gardener by the Fan Brothers, a story about when we work with God and answer God’s call on our lives, we become co-creators in justice for God’s world, just like Samuel.

Lesson for November 1, 2020

  • Watch along as Miss Eliza reads from Exodus 2:1-10 from the Bible, about Miriam Hides Moses.
  • Use hymns that celebrate brave women such as “Long Ago, When Pharaoh’s Daughter” or “God of the Women” by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. Click HERE to find these and other hymns about women.
  • Download and print the Miriam Hides Moses activity page and create your own stained-glass window of a brave person who you know or admire. Be sure to share your pictures with your family and tell them about this brave and inspirational person.
  • Watch the movie Prince of Egypt (DreamWorks, 1998) and talk about how hard it might have been for the women in Moses’ life to make the decisions that they made. What were their sacrifices? How were each of these women brave?

Lesson for October 18, 2020

  • Watch along as Miss Eliza reads the Luke 18:18-30 about The Rich Man, and think about how our church family and your family make generous acts possible? Talk about how you can participate in these opportunities.
  • Want to find ways to make the world a better place? Check out Kid President and talk about some of the ideas or programs your kids may have to help people in need.
  • Download and print the Ten Commandments Game and Instructions to play at home with your family.
  • For older kids, learn about poverty levels and struggles the poor face in the United States by watching Tour Poverty USA.
  • Consider playing some meditative music while kids pause to reflect on today’s lessons.

Lesson for October 11, 2020

  • Watch along as Miss Eliza read the Bible story John 4:1-32 about The Very Thirsty Woman.
  • Enjoy the song "Living Waters" by Keith & Kristyn Getty and be sure to incorporate a movement for water into your dance moves.
  • Learn more about the Living Waters for the World project, a program that works to provide clean water for communities.
  • Download and print this activity to do at home with your family.
  • For older kids read this commentary for a different perspective about the story.
  • Talk with family members about you would each respond if Jesus asked you for a drink of water. Reflect on the things or activities in your life that you find refreshing. Explore ways you can share living water with other people.
  • Consider playing the meditative sound effects of flowing water while you pause to reflect.

Lesson for October 4, 2020

Lesson for September 27, 2020

  • Listen to Miss Eliza read Luke 7:36-48 The Thankful Woman
  • Watch the video Who Is a Refugee and talk about what you see.
  • Download and print these Thankful Woman activities to do at home with your family
  • What are you thankful for? Make a thankful jar, write your gratitude on a note and as you sit quietly, listen to a few minutes of relaxing music to reflect, then put your note in the jar.

Lesson for September 20, 2020