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I was talking with a member of the church who asked what I was up to and I said, “Well, I’m working on yet another bulletin for a worship service.  They tend to roll around every seven days.”  I always try to say the “every seven days” line with a little twinkle in my eye.

Yes, Sundays do roll around every seven days - as do bulletins for worship services and sermons.  I had a preaching professor in seminary who used to say, “Sometimes Sundays come around faster than sermons do!”  How true! The bulletin that I am working on right now is a different kind of bulletin for a different kind of service.  

On Sunday, July 3, my friend Kiran Wimberly and her friends the McGraths are going to be leading in worship at BPC and it is going to be a special day.  The service will look and sound waaaay different from our usual service while being just as full of meaning and good news.  Think of it as good news with a slightly different accent.

If you have plans to be somewhere other than BPC on Sunday, January 3, I invite you to at least take part in the livestream (or catch the service later on YouTube). This is one not to be missed!

Grace and Peace,


PS: I will be out of town this coming week (but back in time for the service on July 3rd).  If any pastoral needs arise, please contact your Deacon or the Church Office at (603) 472-5841.

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