Getting Ready for Sabbatical - Part 2 “What Are We Going to Do?"

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Last week, I started a series of Hilltop Crier articles about getting ready to be away for my Sabbatical, which starts on January 1, 2022.  One of the questions that you might be asking is “What are we going to do?” - you and I - while I am away from BPC.

One of the things that we are going to do - together - is read through the Book of Psalms.  You might already know that the Book of Psalms is the hymnbook of the Bible.  And, as recipients of a Clergy Renewal Grant with the theme of “Finding a New Rhythm,” one of the things we will be doing each day - both you and I - is read scripture.  During the Sabbatical, I may be traveling with my family or learning new things at home, but each day, I’ll be reading and reflecting on the assigned Psalm readings.  And, I encourage you to do the same.

The Lilly Grant that we have received is covering the cost of copies of The Message by Eugene Peterson and each household in the church will be receiving a copy of the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs along with a list of dates and suggested Psalms to read each day.  

This is not meant to be a burden - just one more thing you have to do.  No, it is meant to be a joy to discover or rediscover scripture in new ways and all be on the “same page” as we read together (tough apart) for a few minutes each day.  We are also working on places where you can offer reflections on you reading of the Psalms which we hope will be in place by January.

There is more that we will be doing as a church during this Sabbatical time of rest and renewal.  More details to come in the next few weeks. . .  

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