Getting Ready for Sabbatical Part 4 - "Doing What We Do Best"

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I hope that this week’s Thanksgiving holiday will be spent in some way - large or small - with people you love.  I have heard some people in our church that if there’s anything Presbyterians love to do, it’s eat.  It’s true - church people (no matter whether they are Presbyterian or not) love to spend time together around the table, on Thanksgiving Day or on any other day.

As part of the Sabbatical season of pastoral and congregational renewal that begins in January and extends through February and March, you are going to be invited to be part of two different kinds of feasts.

First, there will be three meals - one meal held each month - in the Fellowship Hall, each with a fun activity and an opportunity for learning and growth.  BPC will be hosting a workshop on the meaning of Sabbath following the meals in January and February and will be hosting a concert after the March meal.  It’s going to be a fun time together.

Second, you will be invited to a feast of the mind, heart, and spirit as you explore the Book of Psalms and the rhythms of daily prayer.  Each household in the church will receive a copy of the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs and an easy-to-follow calendar of days and Psalms to read each day.  This can be done in conjunction with a brief time of daily prayer and is meant to be a connection with scripture, a communal reading of the Book of Psalms with your church family, and a time of reflection (along with your pastor who will be away) on the rhythm of spiritual practices.  

In December, you will each receive a schedule of events for the Sabbatical time and will be encouraged to pick up your copy of the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs from the church.

In other news, this coming Sunday is Commitment Sunday at BPC.  Hopefully, you have received a Stewardship Packet and are prayerfully reflecting on taking the next step along the pathway of generosity.  

See you in church!

Grace and Peace,

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This Week:  “Always Having Enough - Pathways to Generosity - Part 4”