Guest Preacher Cindy Chagnon

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Join us in welcoming our Guest Preacher, BPC Elder Cindy Chagnon for our January 16, 2022, Sunday Worship service at 10 AM.

Cindy, a native of West Virginia, has lived in New Hampshire with her husband, Jean, since 1973. She grew up as a Presbyterian in WV, and she and her husband joined the Bedford Presbyterian Church soon after they moved here. Years ago when her children were young, she and her husband were involved in youth activities here such as Junior Choir, Sunday School, and Youth Fellowship. She is the mother of 3 and the proud grandmother of 5.

A graduate of WVU and a former high school teacher, Cindy has spent most of her life working on educational issues. She was a 24 year member of the Bedford School Board as well as past-president of the NH School Board's Association, and a 8 year member of the NH State Board of Education. She has volunteered with many nonprofit groups such as CASA, NH Healthy Kids, and Child & Family Services and served on many task forces with the NH Department of Education.

Cindy is serving as an Elder at BPC for the second time, and she has sung in the choir here for many years. She always says that the music she has heard throughout her life in the church speaks to her deeply. From her childhood at church camp singing, "Lord I Wanna be a Christian In My Heart" to the present day strains of "On Eagle's Wing", the songs really echo in her soul.

With Grace and Peace...

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