Guest Preacher Elder Manny Barreto

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Manny Barreto, a lifelong Presbyterian grew up in the First Presbyterian Church of Levittown, New York, and as a young man was a Deacon of that church.  He was also a member of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church for over 20 years when he lived in NY City.  As a Deacon, Manny was instrumental in starting up and serving the homeless program at FAPC, which is still a vital ministry at the church today.

Manny has been a member of Bedford Presbyterian Church since 2000 when he moved to New Hampshire from New York.  His goal was to find a church first and then purchase a home in that town.  BPC drew him to Bedford.  His son Luke has grown up in the church and was confirmed at BPC.  He is now a Junior at Bentley University, and for over 15 years, joined his dad in participation in the Living Nativity.  Manny taught Sunday School for 14 years at BPC, and he was a member of the Pastoral Search Committee that brought Pastor John to us.  He and his partner Rebecca Stoughton were members of the Mission Recovery Team that went to Puerto Rico.

Manny was an Elder for six years and was involved in the Membership Committee, the Nominating Committee, and many of the activities of the Mission Committee.

Amazing Grace has always been his favorite Hymn, and Romans 12 is meaningful scripture for him in the Bible that is referenced frequently.  Bedford Presbyterian Church is his spiritual home, and he is a very proud member of this congregation.

With Grace and Peace...‌

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