How Much Does One Song Matter?

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On Wednesday evening, many of you received a “Congregational Survey” about music at BPC.  The questions are mostly about the song “May the Peace of the Lord Christ Go with You,” the song that we have used to close our worship services since February of 2020.  Selfishly, the results of this survey will be incorporated into the final project that I am doing for my Doctor of Ministry degree.  

The project, which is all about singing during Covid-19, is focusing on whether or not singing makes a difference whether people are gathered together for worship or separated by necessity and participating in online worship. Thus far, the early results of the survey and the focus groups that were done in September all support what I have been reading in my research:  yes, singing does make a difference in the lives of many people - in a variety of ways.

If you haven’t filled out the survey, you can find it HERE.  There are 5 quick questions for you to answer. Your responses are greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Grace and Peace,


PS - I will be away this Sunday, working on Study Leave, typing up two chapters of my project.  The most excellent Blair Moffett will be preaching.

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