How to Chant Psalms

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Music and singing can move the Holy Spirit through you and may help deepen your connection to God. Singing Psalms help us worship, pray and connect spiritually. Music can give us strength and provide a path to reflection and introspective.

Read on to learn how you can chant, sing (or hum) Psalms, specifically the seven Laudate Psalms. Follow the link below for more information and be sure to click on the video links on the left side of the webpage for helpful guidance.

Download the PDF file "How to Chant the Psalms" for additional guidance.

How to Chant the Psalms | Hymn, Psalm, or Spiritual Song | Presbyterian Mission Agency
Watch videos for each psalm to learn how to chant Sunday Psalm 150 Watch Monday Psalm 145 Watch Tuesday Psalm 146 Watch Wednesday Psalm