In-Person vs. Remote

| Weekly Word

This past week, the Session of BPC met in-person for the first time since March of 2020.  Throughout the pandemic, we have been meeting on Zoom, but we decided to meet in-person, in the Fellowship Hall, wearing masks for our last Session meeting of the year.  It was a beautiful experience.  Not only did we vote on a balanced budget for 2022 as well as different votes on using the church facility, but we also celebrated the Elders who have completed their terms and gave thanks for the energy, intelligence, imagination, and love with which people have served God - and this congregation - during some very trying times.  At one point in our in-person meeting, one of the Elders became so full of emotion that another Elder reached over and put a hand on their shoulder.  You can’t do that on Zoom.  

This past week, the Deacons of BPC met on Zoom and. . . it was a beautiful experience.  Not only were the Deacons able to celebrate the generosity of our congregation - as seen through our Thanksgiving Basket and Adopt-a-Family ministries - but they were able to make plans for the continuing care of and outreach to our congregation in the months ahead. Your Deacons have served so well and so faithfully - with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love - during some very trying times. At the end of the meeting, all of the Deacons waited to open special Christmas gifts at the same time and received a special angel ornament for their Christmas trees.  You can do things like this in-person, but it sure was fun on Zoom.  

When it comes to which way is a better way to run a church - in-person or remote - I’m probably going to always choose “in-person,” but there are beautiful things that can happen remotely, too.  

Whether you are choosing to be in-person or remote with us at BPC in the coming weeks for worship, for the Children's Musical on December 12, for our Congregational Meeting on December 19, or for our Christmas Eve Services at 5 and 7 PM on December 24, please know how grateful I am for the connections between people that are true and genuine as a church.

Grace and Peace,