It’s a Pentecost Blowout!

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Years ago, a friend of my brother (who happened to be a pastor) joked that on Pentecost Sunday, wouldn’t it be cool to have, like, a flamethrower - or something really fiery to get his congregation’s attention and remind them that the Holy Spirit is with them.  I laughed, but thought that having a lot of fans blowing in the sanctuary as a reminder that the Holy Spirit is with them might be a bit safer (and make the fire department a little happier!).

This coming Sunday, we might have some fans blowing in the sanctuary (like we usually do) but we’ll rely on the Holy Spirit to provide any spiritual firey flames as we remember the story of the mighty wind and the fiery flames that blew into the life of the early church on Pentecost Sunday in Acts, Chapter 2.

This Sunday will be a blowout, of sorts, as we welcome our Confirmands into the life of the church, celebrate our graduating seniors, award scholarships, and recognize our church’s music ministry.  Oh, and we’ll be celebrating the Lord’s Supper, too!  It’s going to be a whirlwind of a Sunday at BPC!

I am so proud of our Confirmation Class as well as our graduates and am so excited that the present and future of the church and world is - in part - in their hands, with help from the Holy Spirit.

Come celebrate with us! See you in church!

Grace and Peace,

Prepare for Worship
This Week:  Greater Things than These (It’s in Your Hands, Now)

  • Read Acts 2:1-4 (But keep reading, because it’s a very good story!)
  • Read John 14:8-17
  • Read or sing Hymn #282 - “Come Down, O Love Divine
    (it’s a favorite hymn of both Barb Flocco and me).