Sixth and seventh graders are invited to attend this vibrant Christian education class designed to prepare middle schoolers for confirmation class in the 8th grade. The goal of the class is to provided the youth with an exploration into the Bible and its application to their everyday lives. The class is a mix of conversation about the Christian faith, hands-on projects, and interactive experiences that make it a fun enjoyable hour and a half, twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.

Pre-confirmation culminates in the summertime Confirmission trip to Mission at The Eastward in Maine. Incoming and outgoing 8th graders head off to stay at UMaine Farmington for a weekend of mission work at PCUSA churches that serve as mission outposts in the poorest and farthest reaches of Maine. For more information about this trip go to Outreach and Caring tab on this web site and scroll down and look for Mission trips!