Minute for Mission - Spiritual and Physical Food

| Adults

By this time, you may have heard testimony from many members of the community Afghan Relocation Neighborhood Support Team to know that the family we are currently supporting has shared food with some of us many times. It is a central part of the Afghan culture to share food with guests, whether the guest has arrived for an informal visit, a planned visit, or after a volunteer takes the family to an appointment. Though this family is currently rebuilding their lives and has few resources as they continue to progress towards independence, it would never occur to them to NOT share what they have–physical food.

This year, Saturday, April 2nd, marks the beginning of Ramadan, a period of fasting and reflection in the Muslim faith. For 30 days, Muslims worldwide, including the recently relocated family, will take neither food nor drink from dawn until dusk. It is a time of prayer and introspection–spiritual food.

We want to ask that you keep this family in your prayers, especially the mom, who will be nearing the end of her second trimester of pregnancy. May God keep them well in body, mind, and spirit.