Minute for Mission - Neighborhood Support Team Update

| Adults

The Neighborhood Support Team assisting the family who was relocated to New Hampshire from Afghanistan has been bustling! We will begin a Minute for Mission moment in the Hilltop Crier and during our Worship Services to spread the word and joy of the mission work the church is doing.

Here is a recent update from team leader Sean Michalski:

"Appointments, Appointments! What a busy week for our Afghan friends. Each family member visited the doctor at least once this week, and one member had an urgent trip to the dentist. As a result, it meant many transportation needs, and everyone on our team pitched in. English classes are also going strong with help from our education committee, and the family is learning so quickly! During a chat between appointments, one family member remarked, "other people may not see all the good you are doing, but God always sees."

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