Minute for Mission - Gratitude

| Adults

The generosity of our Church family for our Afghan family has been awe-inspiring. We continue to provide assistance with scheduling and transportation to and from medical appointments, and a big milestone was achieved this week.  The father of the family began working at a local Market Basket supermarket.  Market Basket has been very understanding of the need for employment, the need to allow time for prayer, the need to continue attending English classes, and in all ways has made the transition for the family as wonderful as possible. Our team has also welcomed new members, stepping up to help with English classes and childcare duties.

We also welcomed the family into our Fellowship Hall last weekend for a time of English lessons for the parents, and social play for their two young boys (who we are finally able to know are actually 2 and 4, not 4 and 5, as reflected in their emergency documents). A special thanks to several of our youth group members who worked for over two hours, playing and reading with the young boys, who joyfully ran around experiencing our space while their parents were focused on learning a new language.  Bethany Avery, Sue Gobel, Natalie Lau-Chien worked on English language skills, including common grocery words, prepositions and the concepts of giving, having, carrying and lifting!  

Thank you to all who have donated, in time, goods, money, and prayers. We are invigorated by your presence and support!

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