Welcome to BPC!

Welcome to the Bedford Presbyterian Church! We are glad you are here! Our big green doors and our hearts are open to greet you in the spirit of the living Lord! Here, we proclaim, "With God all things are possible!"

Anchored in a strong heritage, Bedford Presbyterian Church has the oldest Presbyterian sanctuary in the state of New Hampshire and has the second oldest chartered congregation! Since the mid-1700's, BPC has been the focal point for the faithful in Bedford and the surrounding areas. Today, we invite newcomers of all ages into our church family as we seek to serve the Lord with love, compassion, generosity, and humility in the mission field.

We want you to know:

We BELIEVE in God's presence and God's power. Trusting in God and in core Christian beliefs, we seek to provide a nurturing and challenging place in which to explore our faith journeys through community, worship, service and prayer!

We BELONG to each other in supportive fellowship and we welcome all! Through a shared identity and values and a collaborative ministry of mutuality and respect, we forge lasting friendships in our intergenerational household of faith that help us as we grow in our discipleship!

We BECOME more joyful and inspired disciples of Christ together through our participation in worship, Christian education, stewardship, fellowship, and outreach and mission! We accept and respect individuals where they are, valuing this diversity all the while committing to our personal and collective growth!

We BUILD towards a destiny inspired by God and our Ministry Goals where we share in God's vision for our future and build hope, a hope that feeds our mutual faith journeys in humble service to Christ and others.

And we hope you will join us, partnering in serving our great, generous triune God!

If you have any questions at any time, please call or email!