Award-winning Illustrator Tracey Dahle Carrier Donates Art Collection to Raise Funds for Families in Transition

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April 6, 2022 | Bedford, NH | In the early months of the pandemic, when people started losing jobs and businesses began closing, Tracey Dahle Carrier, an award-winning children’s illustrator based in Bedford, New Hampshire, turned to her husband, Charlie, and said, “There must be something we can do to help.”

Moved by stories of individuals and families facing homelessness, it didn’t take Tracey long to figure out who she wanted to help – Families in Transition – and how she could help – by auctioning off her collection of nearly 50 original illustrations and artist proofs from children’s books that rose out of collaborations with people she knew at Bedford Presbyterian Church. Twenty years ago, Tracey and her co-author, Ruth Boling, donated all the proceeds from their first book signing to raise funds for Families in Transition. Twenty years later, she thought she might be able to bring her illustration career full circle by offering up the original artwork from all her subsequent children’s book deals as well. Both Tracey and the church have been supporters of Families in Transition for decades.

All illustrations are on display at Bedford Presbyterian Church at 4 Church Road in Bedford, NH, available for viewing during regular office hours Monday through Friday. Call ahead at (603) 472-5841 to arrange viewing times. The auction will be held online at until April 30, 2022. There is a “Buy Now” option for all pieces to bypass the bidding process. 100% of proceeds will benefit Families in Transition.

Tracey has illustrated five children’s books, and her art has been seen and exhibited worldwide, from Target mugs to corporate lobbies. She embarked on a freelance career while raising a family in New Hampshire, working on corporate and private commissions. She received the Annual Book Award for Outstanding Design from the Southeastern Library Association for her work with John Knox Press and was named the State of New Hampshire Libraries Illustrator, sponsored by CHILIS and NHLA.

Other experience includes illustrations for New Hampshire Home magazine; corporate and private commissions; Artist-in-Residence for the Open Studio program at the Currier Museum Art Center. Her work has been exhibited at the McGowan Fine Arts Gallery in Concord, the Framer's Market in Manchester, and the Currier Museum Community Gallery. Tracey taught both Senior Studio and Art History courses at the New Hampshire Institute of Art between 2007 and 2012 and has worked at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester since 2005, where she is currently Manager of Membership and Guest Experience.

Tracey received her BFA from Syracuse University and upon graduation worked as an art director in Philadelphia, where she received a Philadelphia Art Directors Award, recognized for Excellence in Design, and Television/Radio Advertising Council Awards, prior to moving to Bedford, NH.

Tracey’s career as a children’s book illustrator grew from a community project, where she was asked by her friend, Ruth Boling, to illustrate a small booklet that was to be created for the Bedford Presbyterian Church community. This small community effort was picked up by Geneva Press and subsequently John Knox Press (JKP), who asked for more children’s books. Ruth and Tracey had decided that when the first JKP book was to be released, all proceeds should go to a strong community organization and identified Families in Transition as a wonderful institution to support, and a way to give back to the community.

Fast forward to the start of 2021, while working remotely for the museum and seeing the crisis of housing and great need in the area, Tracey thought about the art she had stored away from various exhibitions of her work and wondered if the works that were originally inspired at Bedford Presbyterian Church could once again do some good in the community. After some meetings with church members who focus on community outreach, the wheels were set in motion to try to raise funds for Families in Transition.

The public is invited to participate in this fundraising effort, where 100% of the proceeds will be sent to Families in Transition.

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All images copyright and courtesy of Tracey Dahle Carrier.