Recovery Trip: Final Day

| Adults

Friday, August 5
By Rheya King, Recovery Trip Team Member

After completing the week, there is certainly a lot to look back on. Even though all groups did not fully complete their projects, all got a significant amount of work done. Each member of the mission trip has something to truly be proud of.
Oftentimes on mission trips, you might encounter living conditions that can be hard to see; you might not understand how someone could live like that or even question whether it is a healthy living condition.

Rather than judge and question the lives of these families, our only job is to help and provide for them as much as we can. The gratitude you receive from these families makes the whole job worth it. While some families might be less obvious in how they show recognition for our work, it is still obvious that they cherish the help we provided for them and their families.

During the week, the work might seem long and tiring; however come the end of the week, you will surely wonder how the week flew by. These mission trips are about more than just giving back to our community, but rather living out God's work and sharing this wonderful gift with others with the same values.
In the BPC recovery trips, you will learn lessons about teamwork and how nothing can get done without the knowledge and experiences of others.

People directly involved with our church have a strong passion for serving our community in similar ways that you might. While repairing houses might not be everyone's "thing," I think that it is certainly a good experience, as the role models that can be found on these trips, certainly open your eyes to new knowledge, and different ways we can serve our community.

As we were wrapping up for the week, Dan and Chris from MATE checked in to see the progress and to bring Klondike bars to cool off on a hot day. We ended the day with a group prayer for "Hope."