Recovery Trip: Day 3

| Adults

Tuesday, August 2
(photos at the end courtesy of Recovery Team members)

After a great day yesterday, the Recovery Team is ready to continue their work. Early risers had coffee in the main room. The teams packed their lunches, and after breakfast, morning prayer, and reflection for the day, everyone packed up and headed out to their sites by 8:30 am.

Upon arrival at the sites, unpacking and prep for the day begin. Each Team takes account of the previous day's work and gathers at their site to talk about the goals for the day and what needs to take place to reach those goals.

At the Bathroom Site, the goal is to complete the drywall hanging, begin mudding and taping, fix the window screens, and add a screen door to the entrance.

At the Add a Room site, the goals included completing the framing and securing the roof and exterior walls and beginning to construct each of the interior rooms.

At the Roof Site, the goal to complete the roof was number one. MATE provided additional harnesses, which meant more Team members would now be able to help remove and replace the shingles. The Team has other work as they move about the roof. While harnesses and anchor lines keep Team members safe, they also need toe boards for safety. Each roofer nails a long wooden board, about 2×4 in size, and they use it to create a walkway as they work on one section of the roof at a time. As they move, toe boards get added.

This day brought an extra challenge to each Team - RAIN!

The weather forecast called for rain smack-dab in the afternoon, resulting in extra prep work and planning at each site. The framing and roofing sites needed extra tarps on hand, and the interior site moved all supplies and tools inside the garage.

For some, the day started out feeling sluggish. The air was heavy, and some were tired and sore from the previous day. As the day progressed, energy seeped in, and the teams found their rhythm.

By 2 pm, it seemed that the Recovery Team might escape the predicted rain. By 3:30, Teams began to clean up and pack up. Each Team worked a bit longer and pushed harder to take advantage of as much time as possible to reach their goals. Adjustments were made on the back end to grab extra time at the project sites.

The rain started later than expected. By 4:30 pm, two of the three Teams were back at the dorm. Work shoes are left at the door to minimize the tracking of construction debris throughout the dorm. As Team members gathered in the main room after showering, the Roofing Team arrived - soaking wet. The rain started lightly around 3:45 pm and then gradually increased. Members from the Add A Room Team joined the Roofing Team for an "all hands on deck" to tarp the unfinished portion of the roof.

After dinner, the Recovery Team met in the main room and shared the day's highlights, challenges, and surprises. Each Team shared funny stories, what they were able to accomplish, and information about their homeowners.

The Roofing Site homeowner is older and does not venture out too much. Her roof work has been ongoing for nearly three years. You see, while the shingles were being replaced, three layers of older shingles in many places, a leak had sprung over an area of the newly shingled portion of the roof. This set the work back a bit as the leak was found and repaired.

At the Add A Room site, homeowners faced resource challenges expanding their home's small footprint.

The homeowner of the Bathroom site faced several challenges - one on top of the other. We all know how that can happen. "When it Rains, it Pours," literally and figuratively. This homeowner had hired a contractor to assess and conduct the bathroom work. The contractor showed up on day one, tackled the plumbing and some drywall work, was paid to complete the job, and never showed up again.

We have heard about these stories, and some of us may have even experienced them ourselves. This contractor's decision can seem impossible to reconcile and forgive, mainly when you have limited resources due to other extenuating circumstances. Sometimes, we are in a position where we just have to ask for help. So she did. Not only will her bathroom be fixed, but she now has a working front door that locks and new window screens.

Recovery Team members retired early for bed. Day 4 is ahead. Wednesday - the middle of the week. "Hump day" to some. A reminder of the work in front of us, with seemingly limited time to complete it. My how the week has flown!