Recovery Trip: Day 4

| Adults

Wednesday, August 3
By Rheya King, Recovery Trip Team Member

While most days on the job are filled with tremendous accomplishments and visible differences from morning to afternoon, occasionally, some days have little to no progress. It's important to remember that even when you don't get as much as you hoped to get done, the hard work and effort put into that day is only setting you up for a greater accomplishment the next.

Today on the roofing job site, we had some technical difficulties with equipment and the tools that we had available to us. We realized quickly into our day that the nails we had to attach the drip edge to the roof were not going to work. Our whole Team was frustrated by this setback as we lost some serious and significant time. Despite our Team's struggles, we managed to set ourselves up for the next day and have complete confidence of still being on track to finish our project.

While in the midst of frustrating situations, it is important to keep in mind that not everything you do is always going to run smoothly. Sometimes equipment is missing, and sometimes things just aren't going as planned. Almost any setback can be overcome by keeping a positive attitude and working hard with the rest of your Team. These recovery trips provide a lot of happiness and feelings of accomplishment, but they can also bring out frustrating and disappointing emotions. The main thing to remember is why we participate in recovery trips - to give back to our community. All of these experiences contribute to the overall experiences and the work that we do.

Three generations of family members.
L to R: Belinda King, Lorraine Emerson and Rheya King (contributing author).