Recovery Trip: Day 5

| Adults

Thursday, August 4
By Rheya King, Recovery Trip Team Member

Just as expected, today was filled with tremendous accomplishments and impressive progress. Everything we had hoped to accomplish yesterday and today was completed all in one day. After blowing three fuses in a single morning and relying on a portable generator, our morning had a rocky start, but by noon we had quickly gotten into a fast rhythm. Water guard, drip edge, tar paper, and five rows of shingles, all managed to be completed in one day. While we had a very successful day, other groups did not face such delights.

After talking with other teams, we had a briefing meeting that heavily discussed unrealistic expectations and dealing with the difficulty of leaving a job unfinished. As we approach the end of the week, is it very possible that a lot of our jobs won't be fully completed. Understandably, this could possibly cause a lot of frustrated and disappointed feelings. The thought that you let someone down, that you let your team down, or even that you aren't serving your community to the max might cause disdain. While we personally might not be the group to finish the job, the next group that comes to serve on the MATE recovery trips will pick up right where we left off!

Having someone finish what you started can be finished because of course, we all want to be the ones to finish what we started. However, we have to put our pride aside and face the reality of the GOOD that we did and the good that the following groups will accomplish. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to serve your community in different ways.

Never in my life have I stepped foot on a roof, yet this week I have spent nearly five consecutive days learning how to shingle and repair roofs. Such an opportunity our church provides to not only support the struggling members of our community but to learn and apply skills.

L-R: Kat and Rheya on the roof

Additions from Recovery Team Members Larry Cowen and Belinda King

Belinda joined the bathroom team to assist Larry, Brian, and Liz. We enjoyed working together and had a few laughs. At times Belinda spent too much time cuddling the 1-month-old kittens. :-) We were all entertained by the dogs (Karma & Peaches); one of the dogs was so excited she decided to try to exit the house through the bathroom screen! Ok, ok, we did actually get some work done too.

Brian and Belinda looked at the kitchen overhead light, which had a short, and we ultimately decided it shouldn't be used until the electrical could be updated. To provide light for the kitchen, the team decided to purchase a bright lamp for the top of the refrigerator to light up this space. We also worked on taping, mudding, and sanding the new mold and water-resistant sheet rock. Brian was able to install a fabulous new exterior screen door.

Larry and Liz worked to install waterproof moldings and measure/cut the protective shield for the walls in the shower/bath area. This was somewhat complicated due to the placement of the bathroom window and box cover pipes they had to work and measure around.

It was a tiny bathroom for 4 people to work in, but we all managed to be in there simultaneously at times. Awesome job, Team! We were able to get the work to a good place for the plumber to complete the plumbing on Monday to provide the homeowner with a working shower/tub.

Like nearly all recovery trips, at the end of the week, the bathroom team could not complete some of the tasks we would have liked to, so we left with some disappointment. But despite the challenges, the screen door works great, the new drywall was ready for final sanding and painting, and the vinyl walls were installed.

Most importantly, the bath is prepared to be used as a shower once the plumber arrives over the weekend to fix the leak and install the new faucet. The homeowner was overjoyed. She created wonderful thank you cards with a MATE key chain as a gift for each team member. At the end of the day, the MATE Operations Manager, Dan, and the new Executive Director, Chris, were on site to join in a closing prayer of thanksgiving and hope for the homeowner and her young son.