November 20, 2020

Loving the Math 

I never really loved math. I could blame my teachers or the textbooks they used, but - upon reflection - I should probably just admit that my gifts lie elsewhere.
Thankfully, there are plenty of people who love math and are good at doing it. And because they do love math and are good at doing it, they are able to launch astronauts into space and design products that work and make sure that ballots are counted and recounted.
Thankfully, there are also people in the church who love math and keep track of the ways that every gift - large and small - adds up to an essential part of who we are and what we are able to do for the glory of God.
This year, your giving has done remarkable things even in the midst of difficult times. You have given your gifts because you love your church. But, more importantly, deep down you have given your gifts because you love God and want to respond to God's generous blessings.
This coming Sunday is "Giving Sunday" at BPC and we are celebrating and giving thanks for God's gifts and your gifts.
Maybe you've already filled out an "Estimate of Giving Card" for 2021. Maybe, it is sitting in a prominent place, ready to be brought or mailed to the church. Maybe, it is on your kitchen counter beneath a pile of mail (just so you know, if you can't find your card, you can fill out an Estimate of Giving online at
Wherever you are along the Giving Path, I want to encourage you to pray the prayer, "God, where do you want me to be in my giving?" and then to respond as God leads.
God, who is in the business of adding blessing upon blessing in each of our lives, is calling all of us to take the next step.
It all adds up. And that's one more thing that I love about God.
Grace and Peace,

Prepare for Worship

This Week: "Giving Your Life" - Pathways to Generosity - Part 4
  • Read Mark 12:41-44
  • Read Psalm 116
  • Click HERE to find a copy of this week's bulletin.