February 19, 2021

Oh the Things We Have to Think About...

This past week, members of BPC Covid-19 Task Force met to discuss where we are in terms of the pandemic and where we hope to go. So, we talked about allowing more worshippers into the sanctuary on Sunday mornings and the Task Force made a recommendation to the Session, which will be talked about and voted upon on March 1. But then, we talked about other things, like. . .  What happens if someone comes to church and we take their temperature and find that it is too high and we have to send them away? How can we be hospitable AND safe? Will we allow congregational singing, but no choir? Will we allow a choir, but no congregational singing? What happens if people at church do not practice social distancing because they are so happy to see one another? What are the risks? What are the rewards? What is the right balance?
Some of these questions do not have answers, yet, but oh, the things we have to think about. . . in order to keep our congregation safe, in order to keep our congregation together, in order to return to some semblance of normal.
We clearly still have some work to do, but I want you to know that we are doing the work - relying on the latest recommendations from state and local health officials as well as practices of other churches in our Presbytery.  
Thankfully, as we get closer to the one-year mark of everything changing, one thing remains constant: the steadfast love of the God who calls us to be faithful, and bear with one another, and seek the most loving way to live. I know that I’m thankful for God’s love and am thankful for all of you. . .

Grace and Peace,
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