June 11, 2021

Dear BPC Family,

I am so excited!  After fifteen long and difficult months, our church building will be open!

Starting Sunday, June 20, our church family will be able to gather together for worship in the Sanctuary and different groups will be able to meet inside the church building.  The Session has approved a plan for reopening the building, based on the recommendations of our Covid-19 Task Force.  These recommendations are in place for the Summer and will be reevaluated as Fall approaches.

I’m sure that some of you will have some questions about this process, including. . .

Why did it take so long to reopen?  The Covid-19 Task Force and Session have taken a moderately conservative approach to reopening, waiting until the vaccination status of New Hampshire was at an acceptable (at least 50%) level for larger gatherings.  While some churches have been “in-person” for a while, there are other churches that are not gathering indoors until 2022.  We fall right in the middle. 

Are we requiring vaccinations to attend worship or other church gatherings? No, in an effort to be welcoming to all, we are not requiring vaccinations for Covid-19.  But remember:  more vaccinations = less risk to all.

Do we still need to wear a mask inside the church this summer?  Yes, in order to protect everyone who has gathered, because 1) children are not able to be vaccinated against Covid-19 at this time, and 2) others are not vaccinated for a variety of reasons.  Our masking requirement will likely change as vaccination rates continue to rise and transmission rates of Covid-19 (hopefully) continue to go down.  

Do we still need to practice physical distancing inside the church?  Yes, we are encouraging everyone to practice physical distancing through the Summer months, trusting that we will be able to ease this as Fall approaches. This being said, we are able to accommodate approximately 120 people in the Sanctuary and 40 people in the Fellowship Hall (for the livestream).

I know that you probably have a few more questions, most of which are covered with the FAQ sheet that you will find on our website HERE.

Of course, if you have other questions, please contact Fran Bader, our Clerk of Session, at dfrannie530@gmail.com or 603-361-6291, or contact me at jsawyer@bedfordpresbyterian.org or 603-472-5841 (Mondays – Thursdays) or on my cell phone at 478-335-1628. 

If there are ways that our congregation can be supportive, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We’re almost there!  

Grace and Peace,
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