“Does Singing Make a Difference?”

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Join Pastor John in the sanctuary after worship on Sunday, November 14, to talk about the research he has been doing for his final Doctor of Ministry project.  Pastor John has been working on a project all about singing during Covid-19.  Does singing make a difference even when we sing songs of faith while participating in online worship?  Some of you participated in focus groups that dealt with this question.  

Part of Pastor John’s project requires a “Public Presentation” of the research, during which he will share what he has learned about singing songs of faith, in general, and singing songs of faith during a global pandemic.  

The Public Presentation will take about 40 minutes and everyone is invited to attend.  Just so you know, we may be live-streaming the presentation for those unable to join in-person.

Public Presentation of Pastor John’s Doctor of Ministry Research

Sunday, November 14
11:00 to 11:45 AM
In the Church Sanctuary