Gratitude By Any Means Necessary

| Weekly Word

This past week, I received two phone calls at the church office from two different people who received Thanksgiving gift cards from the Deacons of BPC.  They both wanted to know how we got their names and addresses, but they also wanted to say “thank you” for the gift.  

With regards to how we “got their names and addresses,” we work with a variety of partners - from Child and Family Services, to Families in Transition, to the New Hampshire National Guard and others - who are in the business of loving and helping people.  These organizations love partnering with BPC because we are in the business of loving and helping people, too.  

All told, the Deacons sent 177 gift cards (approximately $8,850) and organized the delivery of 29 Baskets of food (purchased by individuals and families within the church).  As you read this, 206 thankful families across southern New Hampshire have been served by you, through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

All of the love and help we offer is a gift and blessing of the Holy Spirit, at work in and through us, working by any and all means necessary to help usher God’s kingdom into our midst.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and enter into the season of Advent, may we see loving and helping signs of God’s kingdom all around us.

Please know how grateful I am for you, church!

Grace and Peace,


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