Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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During February, while I was on Sabbatical, Amy and I took some time to purchase a new bed for our son, Samuel.  This new “Big Boy Bed” fits in his room along with another big bed that we use for reading stories at night.  Up until February, Samuel had been sleeping in a crib - his body growing longer and longer until he just about filled up the whole thing (along with about twenty stuffed animals).

We got the new bed for Samuel.  He was super-excited, and we spent a day putting it together, working as a team.  “Teamwork make the dream work,” Samuel and I kept saying.  We took his good old crib downstairs and, a few weeks later, I dropped it off at the church for the Safi family to use.  They have a new baby that is due very soon and didn’t have a crib.

Well, wouldn’t you know it . . . as soon as we removed the crib from our home, Amy came to me with some big news:  Samuel is going to be a big brother!  That’s right!  No joke!  We are expecting a baby boy, to be born in mid-to-late November.  This was something that Amy and I have been open to for quite some time but it just didn’t happen, until it happened.  We know that we won’t be the youngest parents on the block, but we also hope and pray and trust that we will be able to offer the best life we possibly can for our two sons.

So, what does this all mean?  Well, the Sawyers are wrapping our minds around all of the ramifications of having a second child, including getting a “Little Boy Bed” when the time is right.  We do have a little time to prepare, even though we know that the next few months will fly by.  For the church, I am already talking with the Personnel Committee and the Session about doing Advent and Christmas with a new baby in the Sawyer household.  There might just be a few seasonally-appropriate sermon illustrations.

For now, we would covet your prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth as well as a healthy and whole mother and child.  AND, we are so grateful to God and our church family for the love and support we have received.  Teamwork (with the help of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through YOU) does, indeed, make the dream work.

See you in church!

Grace and Peace,

Prepare for WorshipThis Week:  “So Much to Say (Bearing the Mystery)

  • Read John 16:12-15
  • Read Romans 5:1-5
  • Read or sing Hymn # 9 - “The Play of the Godhead”