Way Leads on to Way

| Weekly Word

This past Monday night, BPC's Neighborhood Support Team was meeting.  This is a group of nearly 30 people from our church and the wider Bedford community that is working to provide support to support an Afghan family that have been evacuated to the US.  The main issue that the Team was trying to solve was the need for an interpreter.  None of us speak Pashto and the Afghan family does not speak English.

After the meeting, I went into the living room and said to my wife, “We really need to find an interpreter from Afghanistan who speaks the language.”  “Let me get in touch with my friend Mariah who married a man from Pakistan,” she said.  A quick text message was sent to Mariah, who wrote back, “Yes, I have a friend from Afghanistan who might be interested in helping.”  Within minutes, we were texting back and forth with S, a woman we have never met, who lives in the Washington DC area.  I shared S's contact information with Andrea Martel from our Neighborhood Support Team and, the next day, as the family moved into their new apartment, S was on the phone translating between Andrea and the family.  She stayed on the phone with them for two hours!

That same day, a member of our Team, named Geno, went to the Asian market in Manchester and simply asked if the people who work there know anyone who can speak Pashto.  “Nobody here speaks Pashto, but I know someone who does,” someone replied.  Within minutes, Gene was talking with R and H, a father and daughter who own a restaurant on Elm Street in Manchester.  Both R and H said they would be happy to help.  By Wednesday evening, they had provided some meals for the family and are working on getting some traditional Afghan clothing and adapting it to life in chilly New Hampshire.

Several members of the Team have remarked that God must be up to something, because way is leading on to way, person is leading on to person, relationships are being built, and a family who has barely been in the country a week, has begun to build a community.  God is up to something, and I believe it is good!  

In the coming weeks, we hope to update you with the family’s names and a little more about them.  Because of privacy issues and wanting to make sure that they get fully settled, we are taking it slow when it comes to sharing personal details.  Suffice it to say that they are very gracious and thankful for all of our support.  
When you give of your time, and talents, and funds as part of Bedford Presbyterian Church, God does amazing things.  

Thank you!  See you at church!

Grace and Peace,


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