Where is the church directory? Can I give to BPC online? How can I sign up to volunteer for Worship Service? How can I manage my online giving?

The answers to your questions are in Breeze!

What is Breeze?

Breeze is an online church database system for those who are a part of Bedford Presbyterian Church and allows you to…

  • View our online church directory…
  • Update your family’s contact information…
  • Manage your online giving and pledging…
  • Access the church calendar…
  • Sign up for Volunteer opportunities to Serve.
Why use Breeze?

Breeze is a church management software system that our entire staff, finance committee, and communications committees are using to help us stay organized, and you benefit from that as well! When you update your contact details, you are helping our staff have accurate information. When you give online, you can track and adjust your regular giving. You also have access to our church directory and calendar right from your smartphone or computer.

Who can see my information?

You have full access to see and edit your own family’s information. However, not everyone can see your full profile like you can. Other BPC Breeze users can only access basic information just like a church pictorial directory (such as name, contact info, and address). Only people who are a part of our church community will be allowed to have access to a Breeze profile.

How can I get an account?

You must be an Active Member of our church community to get access to Breeze. If you are interested in creating your own account, click on “Request an Account” below. Then fill out the online form. If approved, you will receive an email to begin the process. We also encourage you to check out our “Breeze Instructions” document below for more details on using Breeze.