Our Facilities

Facilities Use

Answering the call to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us, we offer the use of our church buildings and grounds. All requests for buildings and grounds use are through our Church Administration office to track events and review requests for potential calendaring conflicts. At times, requests are referred to the Pastor, who will assess how well the request aligns with our mission. The Pastor or our Office Administrator will contact the requester to learn more about the organization and the intended use of our facilities.

For additional information, resource guidelines, and fees for the use of church resources, contact the church office at (603) 472-5841, or via email.


Congratulations on your wedding! This will be a time to celebrate a covenant in which couples are called to live out their lives together in discipleship before God. In a Christian marriage ceremony, a lifelong commitment is made, publicly witnessed, and acknowledged by the community of faith. Please contact our office for an appointment with our pastor to talk about the planning of your wedding.

Services of Witness to the Resurrection (Funerals)

Services of Witness the Resurrection reflect our fundamental beliefs that, in Christ, death has been conquered, and the promise of eternal life is affirmed. As a Presbyterian congregation, we follow the guidelines for services on the occasion of death outlined in the ‘Directory for Worship’ in our Book of Order. We hope and pray to provide guidance, comfort, and support to members, friends, and visitors during these occasions.

Other Gatherings

We extend an invitation to community service organizations to use our facilities. All requests are through our Office Administration who will work with each requester.