Today, as we put some of the finishing touches on this coming Sunday’s 275th Anniversary Celebration, I am very thankful for all of the hard work and dedication that have been offered to make our celebration a success. Historical information has been gathered to be shared, music has been rehearsed, Confirmands have met with the Session, sermons (yes, plural!) have been drafted, food has been ordered, and a photographer has been procured.  

Not everything is in place for the party this week, though. . .  For the past five months or so, we have been going back and forth with the Town of Bedford, Eversource, and our sign printer to have commemorative banners put up on utility poles.  We had hoped they would be there by this Sunday, BUT they will go up on Monday.  Oh well!  At least they’ll stay up for the rest of 2024.  

There is a LOT to celebrate this coming Sunday, but mainly, I am excited to celebrate the movement of the Holy Spirit that has brought us here to this place and time and the way that the Spirit of God is alive in and through the people of God—namely, people like you and me who have called this church “home” for the past 275 years.  

Thanks be to God!  Thanks be to all the Saints in whose footsteps we tread.  And thanks be to all whose spiritual gifts have made this coming Sunday’s celebration so special!

See you in church!  This is one week NOT to miss!

Grace and Peace,


Prepare for Worship

This Week:  “Our Help in Ages Past, Our Hope for Years to Come” AND “Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow.”

Two Homilies by Pastor Emeritus Karen Hagy and Pastor John Sawyer