Children’s Sunday School


Enroll your kids today for the 2023-2024 year.

We’re thrilled to kick off another exciting year of Sunday School. Registration is now open, and we invite you to enroll your children for a wonderful journey of faith and learning. Don’t miss out—reserve your spot today!

Our Sunday School Mission

The mission of our Church School is to share the splendor of God’s love, acquaint children with cherished Bible stories, passages, prayers, foundational hymns, and more, guiding them on their personal paths of faith.

Age Group

Our classes are tailored for kids entering Pre-K through grade 6 in the fall of 2023, ensuring age-appropriate and engaging content.

Our Curriculum

Our Sunday School curriculum is built upon the foundation of essential biblical teachings and stories, thoughtfully aligned with the church’s lectionary and worship schedule. Starting in September through Christmas, we will embark on a journey through the Old Testament, uncovering its profound narratives and timeless lessons. In the New Year we focus on an immersive study of the Gospel of Mark, providing a rich opportunity to explore the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in depth.

Sunday School takes place during the worship service immediately following the Children’s Sermon, every Sunday except for specific dates.

Music and Prayer

Children learn hymns and have opportunities to sing during worship services and holidays, fostering emotional and spiritual connections with teachings. Each class begins and ends with prayers which children learn, nurturing a sense of communication and spirituality.

Location and Facilities

Classes are held in well-equipped teaching rooms with essential learning aids such as whiteboards, projectors, activity materials, floor pillows, desks, and more.

Parental Involvement

We encourage parental involvement by providing take-home and online materials to reinforce learning, playing, and exploring faith together.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our teachers include parents from our children’s and youth ministries, former school teachers, and individuals knowledgeable about the Bible, ensuring effective communication with the age group they teach. If you are interested in volunteering contact our Academy Elder at [email protected].

Safety, Security and Inclusivity

Our volunteer teachers undergo background checks and follow our Safe Haven Policy to ensure a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults, fostering inclusivity within our community.

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