As a Coffee Hour Host, you play an essential role in our church. You have a unique opportunity to engage with members and visitors, warmly welcome people, and be a reflection of God’s love. Sign up today!

As a Coffee Hour Host, you will be responsible for setting up, serving, and light cleaning duties before and after coffee hour.

Here are the expectations and helpful suggestions for this volunteer opportunity:

  • Arrive at 9 AM to meet in the Fellowship Hall. Someone will be there to show you the ropes for making coffee/tea, running the dishwasher, and an overview of supplies if this is your first time! Instructions are also located throughout the kitchen.
  • Start making coffee(s) – both regular and decaffeinated, as well as hot water for tea.
  • Place tablecloths and necessary supplies (coffee mugs, napkins, cream, sugar, tea bags, plates, serving utensils, etc.) on the counter and the serving tables.
  • Organize and prepare continental breakfast items dropped off or placed in the refrigerator (additional food items are typically dropped off between 9:30-9:45 AM).
    Coffee Hour clean-up will start around 11:55 AM.
  • Place reusable coffee mugs and other utensils in the dishwasher and run it through a cycle.
  • Recycle any items in the recycle bins.
  • Place trash in the receptacles.
  • Put away any unused supplies.