Experiences of Grace OUTSIDE the church: Carrying God’s Grace to the Spiritual but not religious

We know that God’s grace is real and sustaining. But we also now know less than 3 in 10 people have anything to do with any faith tradition. It is not God who is limited but our faith communities are sometimes the barrier. So how to do we understand this world? How do we bring experiences of God outside our church walls? How do we meet those who are ‘spiritually hungry but not religious?” How do we authentically speak of our faith without alienating people?

The goals and objectives of this workshop are to:

  • raise awareness and encourage people to think about this issue, and
  • give them encouragement, examples, and theological grounding for bringing experiences of God outside our churches.

Presented by Rev. Gayle Murphy, member of Congregational Church of North Barnstead, called to minister to those outside the church.