Last Sunday morning, after a night spent cleaning up a sick child’s vomit (wondering if the boy might be contagious), I started feeling a bit woozy (I guess he was contagious!).  When my wife, Amy, got up on Sunday, she – too – was feeling woozy.  I was dressed and ready for church, but I did not feel well enough to walk out the door and head to the church.  To make things even more complicated, Amy did not feel well enough to care for our two young boys for the four hours that I would be away.  

My first thought was that we could somehow soldier through, but the gurgle of my own gastro-intestinal system and the look on Amy’s face told me that this was not a tenable option.

My second thought was, “Well, Andy Wickwire is the Elder of the Day. . .”  So, I called Andy.  I felt bad, but it was the first time in over 10 years that I would miss church due to illness, and I knew that Andy would be able to help.  

Without a moment’s hesitation, Andy said that yes, he would read my sermon and fill in the gaps.  As Andy later told me, I didn’t give him enough time to get nervous.  I simply sent him the manuscript of my sermon, which he read for the worship service.  Andy, Louisa Erf, Fran Bader, Sean Michalski, Barb Flocco, Beth Evarts, and Kenny Gardner all filled in the gaps and Sunday morning (and Sunday evening) at BPC proceeded with little to no hiccups.  Meanwhile, while many of you were here at church, I was having these weird hiccups and burps and chills and bilious stomach rumbles (as were Amy and Samuel).  Thankfully, though, we are now all back to feeling good!  Whew!  

Last Sunday was not a great day for the Sawyers, BUT it was a good day for BPC because your leaders and staff revealed – yet again – just what a wonderfully deep bench of high quality leadership we have.   Later in the week, I was talking with my dad, who said that he’s not sure the folks at his church would know what to do in such a circumstance.  I told him that I’m sure that people would rise to the occasion.  I couldn’t be more thankful that when the occasion arose last Sunday, we had people who could fill in and do what needed to be done.  

Thanks be to God!  And thanks be to all of you!

Lord willing, I’ll see you in church!  

Grace and Peace,


PS – Remember, we have our Annual Meeting of the Congregation this Sunday!  

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