I have spent the past week “recovering” from last Sunday’s wonderful 275th Anniversary Celebration.  There had been a lot of preparation and planning going into the event – maybe more than I had thought.  It’s strange, but after the fun photo shoot, I kind of ran out of words to say during lunch.  I was “done” and had difficulty expressing the “well done, everyone” that needed to be expressed.    

So, when the time came during lunch to say “thank you” to everyone who had helped plan the event and ensure that the day was so special, I didn’t name all the names.  Just in case you’re wondering, here are some of the people who deserve our thanks. . .

Fran Bader, for heading up our History Team – along with Cate Sofield, Judy Crandall, Scott Crandall, and Clark Gott.

Susan Reese, for heading up our Hospitality Team – along with Bev Hoover, Kirsten Perry, Christopher Perry, Nolette Perry and the team from Plymouth State University who helped prep, serve and clean up.

Brian and Andrea Martel, Pete Dalrymple, Kenny Gardner, George and Susan Reese, Sean Michalski, Penny Torbich, Cindy Chagnon, Kristie Harriman and others – who helped move furniture and do set-ups and re-sets of the Fellowship Hall and Entryway.

Karen Hagy for preaching and helping to lead in worship.

Barb Flocco and the bevy of musicians in the Senior Choir, Bedford Bronze, and Bedford Brass.  Special thanks to Cassie Murai who played one heck of a Postlude on the organ as everyone streamed outside for the photo.  

Michael Chen and Marc Murai, along with Brian Martel – for helping get the livestream of our worship service out into the world.  

Beth Evarts and Michelle Jones for all of the communication, publicity, sign-up genius lists, and planning.

The following families and Kids who helped with period costumes and were present to greet all of our guests – Malcolm and Kelly M., Tayja B. and Dawn Z., Susanna and Eliza M., Cassie, Carter and Sarah M., Bradley, Zoey and Lisa B. 

Jason Paricini of the Bedford Food Pantry for providing the extra refrigeration and food prep space over the weekend. 

And, finally, all of YOU who came to celebrate with us!  Thank you for helping to make the day so special!

Please know how thankful I am and how excited I am for some great things happening in the coming weeks and months as we continue our celebration.

By the way, THIS Sunday, we will mark Memorial Day in our worship service and NEXT Sunday, June 2, we will receive new members, dedicate a 275th Anniversary Communion Set, and celebrate worship in an older style with a bass viol.

See you in church!

Grace and Peace,


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