If You’re Planning to Fly Home from Vacation. . .

Mar 8, 2024 | WEEKLY WORD

. . . be sure to get to the airport early.  And, even if they tell you at the check-in gate that you have some extra time because the plane is still circling the airport because of fog, don’t take a few extra minutes for a mid-morning snack before going through security.  And, if you miss your flight  because of said mid-morning snack and you’re traveling with two young children, fasten your spiritual seatbelt and prepare for a loooong day.  Oh, and make sure you don’t lose track of your cell phone on a flight that is heading for New Orleans instead of New Hampshire.

Yes, all-of-the-above happened to Amy and me – and our boys – on the way home from vacation, about a week ago.  It took us several days to recover from the shock and disappointment of missing our flight in Destin, Florida and arriving home at 1 AM after an hours-long odyssey layover in the Charlotte Airport.

There were some bright spots, though!  When we missed our flight, it was like Amy and I were able to switch emotional gears to operate at a slower, more gentle level with one another and our sons.  We gave thanks that we were together and knew that we would make it home, together.  When our 15-month-old showered the plane cabin with a whole bag of airplane pretzels (hitting one old lady in the head), one of our fellow passengers said it was the finest scattering of pretzels he’d ever seen.  When our six-year-old was looking for something to do, he was able to ride the moving sidewalks and helped to entertain his younger brother.  And, right before our flight to Manchester finally left, we found out that we were going to be on the same flight as BPC’s own Kelly MacDonald and her family.  It’s good to find friends and fellow travelers along life’s pilgrimage!  

Oh, and when it came to the lost cell phone, thankfully it was insured AND thankfully, I spoke with some nice people in New Orleans who tracked the phone down and will be sending it our way sometime this week.  Whew!  

In the annals of travel literature, our little adventure last Saturday likely wouldn’t make too much of a story, but it felt epic at the time – an epic feat of patience and endurance.

Each of us will experience varying degrees of hardship in life.  There are many struggles that are way more epic than that of our little family’s little journey home last week.  BUT, when faced with hardship, what are the things that help us make it through?  Surely, one factor is the people who are on the journey with you.  They can help make things a lot easier – supporting us as we support them.  But another factor might be when the Holy Spirit reveals spiritual reserves that we don’t know we have.

This past week, I went to visit a couple who have been experiencing a health crisis.  They are having to lean on one another, and on their neighbors and family, AND upon God in ways that they have never leaned before.  And, somehow, even though life is so challenging, they still feel thankful.  

In what ways are you leaning upon God this week?  In what ways are you finding support?  What spiritual reserves and blessings are being revealed along the way?  

See you on Sunday morning for Worship on the Lord’s Day at 10 AM.

A Service of Witness to the Resurrection for Fran Wiggin

Looking forward to being with you on Saturday as we celebrate the life of longtime BPC member and friend, Fran Wiggin at 1 PM. Click here for Fran’s obituary.

Gratitude for a Faithful Friend – Joan Williams

Joan Williams, wife of Pastor Emeritus, Willie Williams, died on January 30, 2024 after a lengthy illness.  Willie and Joan were a beloved part of BPC for eight years and, as partners in life and faith, the two of them were a gift to the church.  When Willie retired in the year 2000, he and Joan moved to central Pennsylvania.  Willie called us this past week to share the news that Joan had died.  He had been by her side the entire time.  A Service of Witness to the Resurrection will be held on April 11.  Our own Michelle Jones and Pastor Emeritus Karen Hagy – who worked closely with Willie and Joan – will be traveling in-person to the service.  

If you would like to share a note or card with remembrances and/or condolences, you may drop them by the church office anytime before Monday, April 8.  Michelle Jones will hand-deliver them to Willie. Click here for Joan’s obituary.

Grace and Peace,


PS – Say a prayer this week for our Puerto Rico Team – in all of their travels to and fro, all of their hard work, and all of their fellowship together:  Xanna Bader, Sarah Bader, Matt Bader, Fran Bader, Cheryl Barlow, Jon Carpenter, Larry Cowen, Louisa Erf, Beth Evarts, Robert Kouts, Kelly MacDonald, Jason Piracini, George Reese, Cary Simmons, Keith Stahl, Deb Stanas, Andy Wickwire, and Kat Zimmermann.

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