History of Bedford Presbyterian Church

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Bedford Presbyterian Church has ministered in the community for more than 260 years.

The Scot Irish Presbyterians who settled Bedford in 1737 first worshipped in private homes or barns or traveled 12 miles to Londonderry. By 1749, the townspeople asked for an organized church and for the opportunity to call a minister. The first Meetinghouse was erected in 1755 on the site of the present Town Hall, and was used for worship and town meetings for 75 years.

In 1826, some 56 shareholders formed a legal society called the Bedford Presbyterian Church and Society, its official name until the 1930s. This body prepared the plans and funding for our church building, which was completed in 1832.

Over the years, twenty-four pastors and two associate pastors have served here. In 2012, we moved to a new model for leadership, a Co-Pastorate. Rev. Karen J. Hagy, our Associate Pastor from 1998-2012, became our first installed Co-Pastor in April of 2012. Our second Installed Co-Pastor, The Rev. John Sawyer came to us in 2013.

Book of Remembrance - 1999

A book documenting the church history was published for our 250th anniversary in 1999. Download the PDF.

A Goodly Heritage - 2007

A supplement to the Book of Remembrance was published in 2007 to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the Sanctuary. Download the PDF.